Elke dag een ding

Own projects

‘Elke dag een ding’ (meaning ‘Every day a thing’) is a multiple-year project that Agnes started during her studies at art school in 2011. She was challenged by one of her teachers to make a drawing every day during her summer break. Instead of doing the assignment as she was told, Agnes decided to make the project bigger and make a drawing every day for the 365 following days and share them online through Facebook. You can see the complete collection of 365 drawings on http://elkedageending.blogspot.nl/

After her graduation year she got anxious to start the project again and she founded the official Facebook page ‘Elke dag een ding’. This page has more than 1,500 likes at this time and delivered more than 400 ‘dingen’.

A ‘ding’ is an illustration but it’s called a ‘ding’, meaning ‘a thing,’ because it can be anything. It’s Agnes’ personal playground and lab to test new things, make personal work and find inspiration.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/elkedageendingillustratie to see the project and to stay tuned!